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Spiral staircases are bult with a diameter between 100 and 300 cm., Spedaliere s.rl. company has realized a unique system that is in the van, that of the made to measure stairs, with characteristics of mechanical resistance and elegance in respect of specific materials, like wood, inoxidizable steel , cast, crystal, Plexiglas and in reply to the requirement of a customer, who is careful about planning logic and architecture of inner places.
These characteristics are fundamental to get craftmade compositions of excellent quality.

Spedaliere s.r.l. is an artisan company therefore is possible to choose a vast range of materials:

WOOD in all its most varied essences, beech, ash, mahogany, walnut tree, cherry, maple, iroko, wengè, tanke etc....

IRON printed, turned, fused and forged by hand, with a design of unique and innovative effects, such as colorations with a unique and special aesthetic effect.

INOXIDIZABLE STEEL that increases the mechanical characteristics of the staircase made of pure and light lines.

CAST fused by inner and for external, with remarkable resistance and unlimited duration.

POLYCARBONATE OR PLEXIGLASS which in its transparence unites elegance and solidity.

CRYSTAL material of remarkable resistance and visually light.


The craftmade lab allows the complete vision of the staircase before the installation and guarantees changes during the work such as special made to measure and by demand of the customer.

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