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Spiral staircase with square base

Gallery > Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases with Square base
Spedaliere stairs: Stairs of furniture, spiral staircases, helicoidal stairs, stairs ramp, railing, stair coverings Stairs for a day
Spiral Staircases with square base
Gallery > Spiral Staircases
The spiral staircases to square base are built with diameters from 100 cm.
The spiral staircases are built with diameters from 100 cm.
Our staircases can be made of wood, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, plexiglass, and depending on the request and designing.
Spiral Staircases with round base
Spiral staircases with square base
The railing to apply to your spiral staircase can be chosen at will among those present on our site, or it can be created on a drawing.
The design of spiral staircases begins with sketches manuals or projects created with sophisticated software in our company, based on requests from customers are developed, extended and customized handcrafted to resolve all environmental issues.
The handicraft workshop allows the full vision of staircases before installation and ensures ongoing changes as details on opera and on request of the customer.

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