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Helical Staircases


Helical Staircases
Spedaliere stairs: Stairs of furniture, spiral staircases, helicoidally stairs, stairs ramp, railing, stair coverings Stairs
Helical stairs
The helicoidal stairs replace traditional staircase very well, gaining valuable space.
Our helicoidal stairs are made to measure and allow the use of different materials such as wood, Plexiglas, iron, stainless steel, chrome steel, etc.
An important advantage of helicoidal stairs is the lack of central support column, a great advantage for those who follow the stairs, also the shape of helicoidal stairs leaves much space at the height of the hands and shoulders, thus favoring the passage of bulky items in smaller diameter stairs.
The company Spedaliere helicoidal stairs designs made depending on customer's needs and measures.
On our helicoidal stairs can be installed countless topology railings giving a light and elegant image.
Beauty, convenience and personalization: the merits of our helicoidal stairs.

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