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SPEDALIERE s.r.l is where the staircase begin
The stair is now no longer just a functional tool to connect several floors of a House but a crucial element of furnishings that feature must combine aesthetic appeal: the company SPEDALIERE s.r.l. has transformed the construction of stairs into a full-fledged art thanks to the expertise of highly specialized technical staff of the company together with the needs and tastes of customers. After targeted market research, the company SPEDALIERE s.r.l has developed a unique and avant-garde, that of stairs created, with characteristics of mechanical strength and elegance in respect of specific materials such as wood, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, plexiglass, and in response to the needs of a client to logical design and interior architecture. These features are fundamental to obtain craft made compositions, easy and excellent quality.


The construction of the stair starts already in the offices of SPEDALIERE s. r. l. the arrival of customers where they manifest their own needs and desires; with the help of photographic visions made designs using the most up-to-date home computer programs or manual made simple sketches at the time, the idea takes shape in the customers the most suitable stair for style and safety. Later, with the utmost courtesy and availability and schedule a technician will be on-site where should be installed to take measurements and will provide the necessary technical advice to achieve the best possible result. Construction started customers are invited to the lab to see the stair before the complete implementation in such a way as to ensure that the work reflects the needs and expectations of the client and possibly intervene with modifications or additions of details, if needed. Construction completed the stair is transported and placed in work at home by qualified staff. This ensures the result that SPEDALIERE s.r.l. arises always reach: complete the customer satisfaction.

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